Electrical Projects



Description of Work




  • CHASNUPP, RFO Project. (Shutdown work)

Maintenance Services for Electrical Motors, Motorized Valves Actuators, DC Panels and Batteries.

M/S Chashma Nuclear Plant, Mianwali.
  • PPL MDEA Plant Project.
Installation of H.T. & L.T. Overhead Line, Transformers, Power Control Cabling, Earthing System, Testing & Commissioning of the MDEA Plant.

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Karachi

  • Fauji Kabirwala Power Project.
Electrical Installation of 150 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant including Power & Control Panels & Cabling and Earthing.


  • Kot Addu Gas Turbine Power Station.
Control Cabling & lighting.


  • ICI Power - Gen Project (5 x 2 MW) Shiekhupura
Installation,Testing&Commissioning of  Equipment i.e. H.T & L.T Switchgears, Transformers, Control Panels / Desks, Protection & Metering System, Power & Control Cabling and Earthing Network.

ICI Pakistan Ltd.

  • 3 x 132 / 6.6 KV Grid Stations at Hala, Shadadpur & Tandoadam.
Installation,Testing & Commissioning of 30/33 MVA Power Transformers, Switchgears, Control Panels, Air Blast Circuit Breakers, Lightning Arrestors, Protection & Metering System, Overhead Bus Bars, Power & Control Cables & Earthing Network.


  • D.G. Khan Cement Project 132 / 6.6 KV Grid Station.
Erection of Complete Grid Station Equipment, Overhead Bus, 10/13 MVA Power Transformer, Control Panels, Air Blast Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Power & Control Cabling, Lighting Protection & Earthing Network.

State Cement Corporation of Pakistan

  • Kamalia Sugar Mills Plant.
Complete Plant Electrification, Switchgears, Power Generators, Protection & Metering System, Control Panels, Power & Control Cabling & Earthing Network

Punjab Industrial Development Board.

  • Pakarab Fertilizer, Multan.
Complete Electrical work of 3 x 9 MW Turbo generators, 3 x 85 ton/hrs Boilers, WTP including H.T & L.T Switchgears, Transformers, Power & Control Cabling and Earthing Network. Effluent Treatment Plant Power & Control Electrification work.

Pakarab Fertilizers Ltd.

  • Pakistan Broadcasting Power Plant, Rewat.
Electrical work of 500 KVA & 1000 KVA Diesel Engine Power Generators, Switchgears, Protection & Metering System, Power & Control Cabling & Earthing.

Pakistan Broad Casting Corporation

  • 110 MW Ghorasal Thermal Power Station, Dacca.
Installation of 2 x 55 MW Turbo-generators, Power Transformers 11/132 KV & Station Auxiliary Transformers Switchgears Metering & Protection System, Power & Control Cabling, Switchyard Bus Bars, & Earthing Network.


  • MW Power Plant at Karnaphuli Paper Mills, Chitagong.
Installation of Electrical Equipment H.T/ L.T Switchgears, Protection & Metering System, Power & Control Cabling.

Karnaphuli Paper Mills

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