Mechanical Projects



Description of Work




  • M/s. Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.Karachi

Construction / Welding / Installation of 6 Inch Diameter Buried Feeder Line and Well Head / Surface Fittings for Adhi (Well-13 & Well-15) Near Daultala Town, District Rawalpindi.

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Karachi
  • M/s. Rafhan Maize Products, Faisalabad.
Manufacturing, Fabrication and Supply of Processing Equipment.

M/s. Rafhan Maize Products , Faisalabad

  • Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Karachi
Fabrication & supply of SS Level Trolls, Class 600 & 900/1500.

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Karachi

  •  44 KTPA Polyester Fibre Project.
Mechanical, Insulation and Painting Works Processing Area.

M/s. Fayzan Manufacturing Modaraba (ICI), Lahore.

  • Ghazi-Brotha Hydro - Power Project.
Temporary Storage Facilities of Cargoes at Ghazi-Brotha Hydro- Power Project (ME-02), for 5 x 322 MW Generators.

M/s. Toshiba, M/s. Mitsui & Co. Japan

  • Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. MDEA Plant Project.

Installation, Erection, Comm. and Utilities i.e. Pipes, Fittings, Equipment.

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Karachi

  • Fauji Kabirwala Power Generation Complex, Kabirwala Distt. Khanewal.
Mechanical Erection of 1 x 64 MW Steam Power Generator & 2 x 40 MW Gas Turbine Generators & Associated works of Auxiliary Equipment & Piping.

Fauji Kabirwala Power Complex.

  • Pak-American Fertilizers Limited.
Laying of 24 Dia underground Pipeline from Banian tree area to Plant site.


  • Dhodak Gas Processing Project, D.G Khan.
Erection of Plant equipment, Piping, Insulation & Painting.

Oil & Gas Development Corp

  • Fauji Fertilizer Expansion Project, Goth Machi.
Fabrication, Erection of Steel Structure & Painting. Fauji Fertilizer Corporation
  • Fauji Fertilizer Expansion Project, Goth Machi.
Erection of Cryogenic Tanks & other Process Tanks. Fauji Fertilizer Corporation
  • Bin Qasim Power Station Unit-5 (1 x 210 MW) .
Erection of Steam Turbo-Generator, Auxiliaries & Piping (Fabrication & Erection) Insulation & Painting. KESC
  • Bin Qasim Power Station Unit-3 & 4 (2 x 210 MW).
Erection of 2 x 680 Tons / Hrs Boilers, Auxiliaries & Piping (Fabrication & Erection) Insulation & Painting) KESC
  • Bin Qasim Power Station Unit-3 & 4 (2 x 210 MW).
Boiler Retubing at West Wharf, Karachi. KESC
  • Jamshoro Power Station Unit-2, 3, & 4 (3 x 210 MW).
Erection of Chemical Water Treatment Plant Equipment & Piping WAPDA
  • ICI Power - Gen. Project (5 x 2 MW), Shiekhupura.
Erection of 5 Diesel / FOF Power Generation sets, Auxiliaries, Piping (Fabrication & Erection) Insulation & Painting. ICI Pakistan Ltd
  • ICI - Polyester Expansion Project, Shiekhupura.
Erection of Plant Equipment, Piping & Steel Structure (Fabrication & Erection) Insulation & Painting ICI Pakistan Ltd
  • Gas Turbine Power Station, Kotri.
Design, Supply, Fabrication, Erection of 2 x 2.05 Million Litre F.O.Storage Tanks, Painting & Civil work. WAPDA
  • Kot Addu Gas Turbine Power Plant.
Design, Supply, Fabrication, Erection of 3 x 8000 M3 F.O.Storage Tanks, Painting & Civil work. WAPDA
  • Sui Field Gas Compression Project, Kashmore.
8 Dia 80 bars Construction of High Pressure Gas Pipeline - 12 KM countryside / underground. Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.
  • Guddu Thermal Power Station Unit-4 (210 MW) at Guddu.
Fabrication & Erection of Circulating (Cooling) Water Piping (1100 Tons) WAPDA
  • Rupali Polyester Plant
Erection of Equipment, Piping & Steel Structure (Fabrication & Erection), Air Conditioning, Insulation & Painting. Rupali Polyester Ltd.
  • ICI Polyester Project, Sheikhupura.
Erection of Polymer Plant & Allied Equipment, Piping & Steel Structure (Fabrication & Erection), Insulation & Painting. ICI Pakistan Ltd
  • POF Project, Havelian.
Erection of Complete Plant Equipment, Piping & Steel Structure. Pakistan Ordinance Factory
  • MW Gas Turbine Power Plant, Faisalabad.
Erection of 8 x 25 MW Gas Turbine & Generators, Allied Equipment & Piping. WAPDA
  • 110 MW Ghorasal Thermal Power Plant, Dacca.
Erection of 2 x 55 MW Turbo-generators & Auxiliaries, Piping (Fabrication & Erection) Chemical Water Treatment Plant, Oil & Fuel Oil Facilities, Air-Conditioning & Duct Fabrication. WAPDA,Dacca
  • MW Ghorasal Thermal Power Station, Dacca
Erection Electrolyzer, H2 Generating Plant & Piping Workshop Equipment. WAPDA,Dacca
  • Karnaphuli Paper Mills, Chittagong.
Installation of 19 MW Double Extraction Turbo-Generator, Auxiliaries & Piping.

Karnaphuli Paper Mills.

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